You're looking to sell your boat but have no idea on whether you should sell it to a dealer or privately.

Let's look at selling privately first.

The upside, most of the time you will get more money for your boat, all it takes is a little time and effort, look at it from the buyers side, would you buy a dirty scruffy boat.

You should ensure it is in saleable condition - make sure the boat is clean and presentable, and most of all roadworthy.

You'll need to be available for interested buyers to contact you and ask you any questions about the boat. Do you have a mobile phone, can you receive email enquiries, make sure it is switched on.

Respond to all enquiries quickly, nobody likes to be kept waiting, remember your boat is not the only fish in the sea.

Try to be flexible when organising inspections and test drives.

Decide on the lowest price you will accept before negotiations, try and stick to that figure.

Never let somebody take your boat for a test drive without you being in it with them, it may sound suprising but people do.

Is your boat insured and does it have a current MOT, if not no test drives please.

Selling to a dealer

Many people find selling to a dealer the easiest option however ther is little doubt that selling to a dealer will cost you.

You'll get less money for your boat, saying that if you don't want the hassle of waiting for potential buyers or tyre kickers to pick fault at you prized vehicle then dealers are by far the easiest option.

If you can, trade in. This makes a huge difference to the value you'll gain from the transaction. Overall the trade-in still represents a good deal.